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Camp Perry 2019

Camp Perry 2019
The Arizona Teams (The Phoenix Rod & Gun Club Team and The Scorpions) have returned from Camp Perry

Write up "after action report" of our trip

Pictures from Camp Perry 2019

Welcome to This web-site will provide match descriptions, tutorials, and other information including match schedules and announcements on competitive rifle shooting in and near Arizona. The primary emphasis of this site is Convention NRA/CMP Service Rifle, Vintage Rifle, Mid-Range, Long-Range and "Palma" Rifle as well as NRA & ISSF/Olympic Pistol and smallbore rifle. Occasionally other shooting disciplines, such as F-class & Tactical  Rifle and Hunting Rifle.

These coming Months' Schedules:

Check club websites for start times! Arrive 1 hour early for set up! Always bring 10 extra round for sighters. Always show up at the "pits" time or an hour early.


September 2019
  • 8-Sep, Sun, 7AM, 4-Peaks Tactical Precision Rifle at RSSC        
  • 14-Sep, Sat, 6:30AM, three 20 shot strings at 500yds at PRGC   
  • 15-Sep, Sun, 6:30AM, three 20 shot strings at 600yds at BASF      
  • 15-Sep, Sun, 6:30AM, 120 shot NRA style smallbore (.22 LR) match at  PRGC    
  • 15-Sep, Sun, 8:30AM, 270 shot International/Olympic-style 25/50m  Bullseye Pistol match at  PRGC   
  • 21-Sep, Sat, Sat, 6:30AM, CMP/NRA style Service & High Power Rifle 200/500yd - 80-shot at  RSSC   
  • 22-Sep, Sun, 6:30AM, three 20 shot strings at 600yds at BASF       
  • 22-Sep, Sun, 8:30AM, 270 shot NRA style 25 yd Bullseye Pistol match at  PRGC   
  • 28-Sep, Sat, 7:30AM beginner's Bullseye Pistol Clinic at PRGC
  • 28-Sep, Sat, 6:30AM, Palma Match (15 shots each 800, 900, 1000yds) at BASF      
  • 28-Sep, Sat, 6:30AM, three 20 shot strings at 500yds at  RSSC     
  • 29-Sep, Sun, 6:30AM, CMP "games" style C&R/M1/Mauser/springfield 200yd two 30-shot shoots at  PRGC   
  • 29-Sep, Sun, 8:30AM, 270 shot International/Olympic-style 25/50m  Bullseye Pistol match at  PRGC      

October 2019

ALWAYS goto the club website and confirm before driving!:
Recurring weekly evening shoots:
  • Tuesday 6:30PM, Bullseye Pistol PRGC
  • 1st & 2nd Tuesday each month 5:30PM, IDPA Pistol PRGC 
  • Tuesday 3PM open, Steel Pistol RSSC
  • wednesdays most weeks oct-may 7AM pits, High Power 200/300/600 Standing/Sitting/Prone    BASF  
  • thursdays most weeks oct-may 7AM pits, 600 or 1000yd prone/F-class at  BASF  
  • Wednesday 6PM, 10m Air Pistol RSSC
  • Thursday 4:15PM open, Steel Pistol PRGC
  • Tuesday  & Thursday 6:30PM Junior Smallbore Rifle BASF contact:
Weekday daily oct thru may:
  • Wedneday 9AM High Power XTC 200/300/600yd practice BASF
  • Wedneday 9AM smallbore prone 50-100yd practice BASF
  • Wedneday 9AM High Power 600-1000yd practice BASF
Check Arizona Traffic before you drive to the match:

Weather at Ben Avery Range:

Rifle Shooting Championship Matches in Arizona:

Arizona's two main 2nd amendment oriented civil rights advocacy organizations: ASRPA and AZCDL.
AZ shooting notes

Arizona State Junior High Power Rifle Team
Washington's Birthday Match
under new management!
Next year: Feb. 2020

Latest update: 7-Sep-19

A boy scout will be building a stairway to the 500yd firing point on the PRGC High Power range as his eagle scout project this summer/fall.

Part of the task is to fund the project, typically by soliciting donations.

Donations can be made via cash/check or online via Paypal. Here is the Paypal link:

Kindly mention "Neil Ravikumar Eagle Project" in the Paypal notes. ******Remember to "send as a friend or family"****** Do not click "Pay for a Service"******

 For more information about the project, contact the High Power Division Director at a HP match at PRGC or board meeting.

web announcement

Coming some day, descriptions of many common shooting events
NRA/CMP Service & High Power Rifle
Mid/Long Range & Palma
NRA Smallbore
NRA Bulleye Pistol
Tactical Precision
Rattle Battle/NTIT
Oympic Rifle
Olympic Pistol
3-Gun etc

Camp Perry National Matches, 2018
Here is a page with 95 pictures from Camp Perry 2018.

John Martin
John Martin, with a 1903A3, at Rio Salado posibly in 2002 (the .jpg file is from 2002)
John Martin passed away in late July 2016.

Safari rifle shoot 2018
Annual Safari Rifle shoot at PRGC
winner gets a pith helmet (and has to wear it every subsequent shoot!)

Safari rifle shoot 2018

safari winner 2018 Safari winner
Safari Winner and his new Pith Helmet 2 years in a row!
Safari Rifle shoot at PRGC
Tentative Next shoot: spring 2020

animals at PRGC
its a zoo out there!

Hunting Rifle Shoot at PRGC
Next shoot: TBA fall of 2019 tentative

Arizona Pistol Shooter Jay Shi came in 14th place in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro
Here he is at PRGC practicing his 50 meter "Free Pistol" event.

Captain High Power
Captain High Power
the master of all he surveys
This guy shot a winning numerical score at Washington's Birthday, coming in 2nd place only by X-count!

CMP WG 2009
The Passing of R. Lee Ermey has been reported.
Here he is attending the 2009 CMP Western Games as a Rifle competitor. (With Myles G of AZ)

AZ teams Spent a week this summer at Camp Perry!

Arizona put two teams in the National Matches run at Camp Perry!
Phoenix Rod & Gun Club fielded the Adult team.
ASRPA's Arizona Scorpions is the Junior team.

Since 1907, the annual National Matches have been held at Camp Perry, Ohio and are mostly run by the CMP.
the Service Rifle stages of the matches consist of three individual matches followed by three team matches.

There were about 20 civilian shooters from Arizona, 7 of them teenagers on the Junior Team.

These matches all included stages at 200, 300 and 600 yards, with standing, sitting and prone stages, some
slow fire, some rapid fire. Every AZ shooters, like nearly every shooter at the event used an AR-15 Rifle.

All used 4.5X scopes except for a few dinosaurs with iron sights.

The first individual match was a warmup called the Oliver Hazard Perry Match, named after Commodore Perry.

With a perfect 300 points, AZ shooter Dave G came in 2nd place out of 792 shooters.

Next came the President's Match, the top 100 shooters earn the right to wear the "President's 100" badge.

Three AZ shooters, one a junior, were in the top 100. There were 179 Juniors and 83 women in this match of 1073 shooters.

Then the National Trophy Individual Match. This is the match where shooters who perform in the top 10%
numerous times (over several state and national matches) can earn the Distinguished Rifleman badge, probably the highest achievement an average shooter can aspire to. 1007 shooters competed. 818 of them civilian, of the 19 Arizona civilians, 3 were in the top 10%, two are already Distinguished Riflemen, one, Dave F of Phoenix is now one step closer.

Then came the 2-man "Hearst" team match, named after the trophy donated nearly 100 years ago by William Randolf Hearst. Of 293 adult teams, the highest placed AZ team came in 92nd place. (Juniors shot a different match this day).

Then the National Trophy Team Match, 6 shooters, 50-shots each. Of 41 teams, The PRGC team came in 19th place and the Scorpions, 23rd.

The final big Team Trophy Match named after the "Infantry Trophy" is the National Infantry Trophy Team Match, often called "Rattle Battle" since its all rapid fire at 600, 500, 300 and 200yds in that order! 35 teams entered, PRGC was 23rd place and the Scorpions 24th place!

Before the last piece of brass hit the ground we were already talking about next year!

Funny CMP rule: every team must have at least one NEW SHOOTER! so the adult team will be looking for new shooters and of course the junior team needs to replace every member who turns 21 and can no longer shoot as a junior! So both teams will be recruiting new members this fall, stand by for more info!

I now have 96 pictures posted!

Members of the Arizona rifle teams are arriving at Camp Perry!

Since 1907, Camp Perry, an Ohio National Guard base (right on Lake Erie between Detroit and Cleveland) has held the annual National Matches. .

NRA (founded 1871) and CMP (started as NBPRP in 1903) conduct a two month long series of Rifle and Pistol Matches. Starting with just smallbore (.22) rifle, pistol and high power (.30) rifle, Over the decades they have added so many new events were added such as various C&R shoots, long range, mid range prone, etc that NRA had to move smallbore and some of their less attended high power events to different ranges in neighboring Indiana, but the NRA Pistol Matches (Arizona team won civilian team!) and a whole slew of CMP High Power classes and matches are still held at Camp Perry.

The Service Rifle stages sponsored by CMP, which start next week, are the best attended precision shooting event in the western hemisphere. Over 1000 shooters, side-by-side shooting 200, 300 and 600 yards! Standing, Sitting and Prone, slow fire and rapid fire! Nearly every single shooter using an AR-15!

Arizona shooters will be there with 2 teams!

A junior team, sponsored by ASRPA

And an adult team, this year sponsored by PRGC's High Power division

All the shooters, 6 or 8 on each team, will shoot the individual matches, then the teams will shoot, as teams, in the team matches. This is about 7 days of shooting!

AZ's junior team is VERY strong! for decades, almost every year, they win one of the big team matches. The problem with the Junior team is.... the best shooters leave! They "age out" at 21 or earlier if they join the military, and a lot do, we put an average of one cadet in a military academy every 2 years! So every year, they need to find NEW TEAM MEMBERS! So if you have a teenager (12 is about the youngest) who would like to shoot AR-15's with the best shooters in the state, get in touch with me, the team will be having a recruitment session in the fall!

Our adult team needs shooters too! In fact, so many adult shooters are busy with careers or drift off into bolt action 1000yd shooting, that we really need to find as many AR-15 shooters as we can! We will be holding recruitment sessions in the fall too!

CMP Western Games is coming to Ben Avery in Phoenix in October with beginner's classes on Friday and Saturday 19-20-Oct. A bunch of serious AR-15 matches and a bunch of FUN, beginner-friendly M1/C&R shoots before and after!

Rio Salado in east Mesa holds a twice yearly beginner's High Power Rifle class, usually the 4th sunday in April and October, this year, it will be 28-Oct. .

Also, if you want to get into this type of shooting, all of our monthly club shoots, at all the ranges in town, are open to everyone, they are somewhat beginner-friendly and experienced shooters always go out of their way to teach the new guys! A few of us do one-on-one coaching. So there are LOTS of chances to learn the sport!

The National Matches start in just a few days! results will be posted here:

Hope to see you all on the firing line soon!

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