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PRGC HP match Aug 2015
PRGC High Power Prone stage Aug 2015
next one Feb!

BASF HP Sep 15
BASF High Power prone Sep 2015

PRGC Pistol Shooter wins Silver at Pan Am Games in Toronto!
He was shooting the 10 meter Olympic Air Pistol event!

Welcome to This web-site will provide match descriptions, tutorials, and other information including match schedules and announcements on competitive rifle shooting in and near Arizona. The primary emphasis of this site is Conventional NRA Service Rifle & Highpower Rifle often called: " National Match Course", CMP matches, "Palma Match" and NRA & ISSF/Olympic Smallbore rifle & NRA & ISSF/Olympic Pistol Shooting. But I will add information of other shooting disciplines as it becomes available.


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These coming Months' Schedules:

All times are "shots fired" arrive 1 hour early for set up!

  Jan 2016
  • 2-Jan, Sat, 8AM, 80-shot High Power PRGC
  • 2-Jan, Sat, 8AM, 800/900/1000yd Palma High Power BASF
  • 3-Jan, Sun, 8:30AM, 25/50yd NRA bullseye Pistol 2700 PRGC
  • 3-Jan, Sun, 8:30AM, Wind Reading Class & 11AM 1000yd High Power BASF
  • 8-10-Jan, Fri/Sat/Sun, Arizona High Power Rifle Championship  BASF
  • 9-10-Jan, both days 8:30AM, 10/25/50m olympic pistol PTO PRGC
  • 9-Jan, Sat, 8AM, 500yd, 60shot High Power PRGC
  • 9-Jan, Sat, 8AM, 3-Gun practical RSSC
  • 10-Jan, Sun, 1PM, 2-Gun practical PRGC
  • 10-Jan, Sun, 8:30AM, 4-peaks Tactical Rifle RSSC
  • 11-Jan, Mon, 7PM, PRGC annual membership meeting at the academy next door.
  • 16-Jan, Sat, 830AM, 80-shot High Power RSSC
  • 17-Jan, Sun, 9AM, 50-100yd Smallbore prone rifle PRGC
  • 17-Jan, Sun, 8:30AM, 25yd NRA bullseye Pistol 2700 PRGC
  • 17-Jan, Sun, 9:30AM, 200-500m High Power Rifle Silhouette RSSC
  • 20-Jan, Wed, 4-7PM, Pistol Cal Carbine/Tac Shotgun Steel PRGC
  • 21-Jan, Thurs, 4-7PM, Pistol Cal Carbine/Tac Shotgun Steel RSSC
  • 23-Jan, Sat, 8:30AM, 500yd, 60shot High Power RSSC
  • 23-Jan, Sat, 9AM, 600yd prone rifle BASF
  • 24-Jan, Sun, 9AM, 80-shot High Power rifle BASF
  • 24-Jan, Sun, 9AM, 50-100yd Smallbore prone rifle PRGC
  • 24-Jan, Sun, 9AM, 200-500m BP Cartridge Rifle Silhouette RSSC
  • 30-Jan, Sat, 8AM, 3-Gun practical RSSC
  • 30-Jan, Sat, 8AM, 800/900/1000yd Palma High Power BASF
  • 31-Jan, Sun, 8:30AM, Wind Reading Class & 11AM 1000yd High Power BASF
  • 31-Jan, Sun, 9AM, 50-100yd Smallbore prone rifle BASF
  • 31-Jan, Sun, 8AM, Sub-gun practical RSSC
Feb 2016

ALWAYS goto the club website and confirm before driving!:
Recurring weekly evening shoots:
  • Tuesday 6:30PM, Bullseye Pistol PRGC
  • Tuesday 5:30PM, IDPA Pistol PRGC 
  • Tuesday 3PM open, Steel Pistol RSSC
  • Wednesday 6PM, 10m Air Pistol RSSC
  • Thursday 4:15PM open, Steel Pistol PRGC
  • Tuesday  & Thursday 6:30PM Junior Smallbore Rifle BASF contact:
Weekday daily oct thru may:
  • Wedneday 9AM High Power XTC 200/300/600yd practice BASF
  • Wedneday 9AM smallbore prone 50-100yd practice BASF
  • Wedneday 9AM High Power 600-1000yd practice BASF

Check Arizona Traffic before you drive to the match:

Weather at Ben Avery Range:

Rifle Shooting Championship Matches in Arizona:

Arizona's two main 2nd amendment oriented civil rights advocacy organizations: ASRPA and AZCDL.

Arizona State Junior High Power Rifle Team
2016 Washington's Birthday Match


Latest update: 2-Jan-16

Aux Armes Citoyens!

Safari rifle shoot
Bi-annual Safari Rifle shoot at PRGC
winner gets a pith helmet (and has to wear it every subsequent shoot!)

Safari big bore
safari winner
Safari Winner and his new Pith Helmet
Safari Rifle shoot at PRGC
2016 shoot:  26-Mar-16

animals at PRGC
its a zoo out there!

Hunting Rifle Shoot at PRGC
2016 shoots: 27-Feb-16, 13-Mar-16, 17-Apr-16
Come on out! we need better turn out!

 some of these are old and need to be re-written!

Match Shooting Disciplines:

Clubs & Organizations

  • Palma, (800, 900 and 1000 yds)

  • Here is a list of clubs outside AZ & SW  US - getting out of date, I have not reviewed that list in years

  • Hong Kong
Ranges &  Match Schedules

Phoenix area:



(I buy from and have had good luck with those listed below)


Junior Programs (.22) :
    these are .22 programs for absolute beginners aged 10-20.
  • Rio Salado east Mesa (thurs  eves)
  • Ben Avery for details & dates most tuesday & thursday evenings 6:30-8:30, contact:
  • PRGC Club calender lists a junior smallbore program 2nd saturday and some 4th saturdays in 2016, no details available.

Additional Technical Info Highpower etc Articles by others Reference:
  • Here is an Excel spreadsheet for keeping scores at matches. Try it and tell me what you think. 
  • There's a REALLY good book called "Modern Highpower Competition"; by Randolph Constantine. Look for it.

other books:

Misc info on related matches & rifles. Links

Match Results


NOTICE: This website is now:
my old URL has been sold, without my permission, to a cybersquatting spammer

I would REALLY like to have match programs, Links, schedules, range directions, Photos etc, any additional information you may have regarding our sport. I will include as much as I can on this site, with Olympic,  NMC and Palma taking priority. Please send me any stuff you may have! The more .html-ized it is, the sooner I can add it to the page!

I will add links to related pages. I typically do not accept paid commercial advertisements. I maintain this web-site as a public-service of my own devising. It might complicate things if I were obligated to others. My out of pocket expenses for this site are less than I spend on tumbling media and resizing lube per year, and no-one could afford to pay me my hourly rate for the amount of effort I put into this. Contact me.

Oh, by the way, some people have written to as tho they were writing to a huge corporation, "Dear Sirs, ..." and all that..... Arizona Rifle shooting is ME, one guy, no business, no profit, no Java programmers, no office, no professional webmasters, no expenses other than the $100 or so a year hosting fee.... That's all. 

Hey! if you find this website useful, email me and let me know! I've had several people come up to me and say "oh, you're the guy with the web page"! I add new photos from time to time too!

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