Specializing in the sport of precision marksmanship from 10 meters to 1000 yards.

Camp Perry
                              2022 picture
Top 3 Juniors & top adult in the Matt Acker Memorial Rifle Match May 2023 at Ben Avery

Upcoming Events:
3-Jun, Sat, NRA/CMP High Power or Service Rifle (200-300-600yd)  at  PRGC 
10-Jun, Sat, AZ Rifle Team practice at Ben Avery
10-Jun, Sat, 500yd NRA Prone/F-class at PRGC
18-Jun, Sun, AZ Rifle Team practice at Ben Avery
17-Jun, Sat, CMP "games" style rifle match at PRGC
24-Jun, Sat, AZ Rifle Team practice at Ben Avery
11-Jun, Sun, 600yd NRA Prone/F-class practice at Ben Avery DSS
24-Jun, Sat, 500yd NRA Prone/F-class at at RSSC 
25-Jun, Sun, 600yd
NRA Prone/F-class practice at Ben Avery DSS 
(also Service Rifle team 600yd practice those days)

Contact if you would like to learn more about competition shooting.
Especially if you want to attend Camp Perry for Service Rifle week next year!

Latest update: 29-May-23

Welcome to This web-site will provide match descriptions, tutorials, and other information including match schedules and announcements on competitive rifle shooting in and near Arizona. The primary emphasis of this site is Convention NRA/CMP Service Rifle, Vintage Rifle, Mid-Range, Long-Range and "Palma" Rifle as well as NRA & ISSF/Olympic Pistol and smallbore rifle. Occasionally other shooting disciplines, such as F-class & Tactical  Rifle and Hunting Rifle.

Typical Club Shoot/Match Schedules:

All events are open to everyone. Some require advance entry on Practiscore or other method.
Arrive 1 hour early for set up! Always bring 10 extra round for sighters. Always show up at the listed "pits" time or an hour early.AZ

NRA/CMP High Power or Service Rifle (200-300-600yd, standing, sitting, prone, slow & rapid fire, bring 100rds):

NRA Prone/F-class (500, 600, 800, 900 and/or 1000yd prone, bring 100rds)   

CMP "games" style rifle match, 200yds, prone & standing for mil and mil-surp rifles, bring 70+ rds

PRS/NRL style rifle shooting (various positions and distances, time pressure, CF or .22 bring 100rds)

NRA/Olympic style pistol (25 to 50 yds/meters slowfire or rapid/timed fire, .22, .32, .38, .45, bring 100rds each)

  • Some match or practice almost every weekend, thursday morning & wednesday evening at PRGC 
  • plus monday evening at   RSSC

We are actively recruiting new Junior shooters for the Scorpions team, must be large enough to hold up an AR-15 and under 21. Team will provide coaching and equipment.

We are actively recruiting new adult shooters to this sport. Experienced shooters will coach new shooters and loaner equipment is available!

Contact if interested!

Arizona Clubs with shooting competitions.
ALWAYS goto the club website and confirm before driving!:

Other Notes and links

NRA style Rifle Shooting Championship Matches in Arizona:

  Arizona's two main 2nd amendment oriented civil rights advocacy organizations:
and AZCDL.

AZ shooting notes

Arizona State Junior High Power Rifle Team

Washington's Birthday Match
    The 2023 Washington's Birthday Match results and photos
are on the
ASRPA website.
GREAT article by Serena Juchinowski in Shooting Sports USA!

Descriptions of many common shooting events. More coming.
NRA/CMP Service & High Power Rifle
Rattle Battle/NTIT CMP M1/C&R Mid/Long Range & Palma and F-class
NRA Smallbore & Olympic
NRA Bulleye & Olympic Pistol
Tactical Precision aka NRL or PRS

Scenes from other shooting disciplines

Shooters who have left the Range

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