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Photo's captured by Poole at Camp Perry

A write up of the AZ teams' trip to Camp Perry,
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AZ flag at Camp Perry

Camp Perry
Arizona Adult team, the PHOENIX ROD & GUN CLUB RIFLE TEAM right after the match at Camp Perry

Camp Perry
Arizona Scorpions Junior Rifle Team with their coaches at Camp Perry

here is a write up I put on some shooting forums.

NRA/CMP style High Power Rifle competition consists of 4 stages, Standing slow, 200yd, sitting rapid, 200yd, prone rapid 300yd and prone slow 600yd. 10 or 20 shots each. Usually with an AR-15. I have a write up about it on my website

Perry 21

The annual US National Championships Shooting Competitions, the "National Matches", have been held at the Ohio National Guard Base "Camp Perry" since 1907! The National Matches are run by what is now known as the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

The "official" National Matches consist of Service Pistol and Service Rifle Matches interspersed with numerous other matches, smallbore and long range rifle, pistol and training clinics run by the CMP.

There were over 30 Arizonans at Camp Perry for Rifle stages of the National Matches the first week of August.

About half the Arizona shooters drove to Ohio and brought the equipment out for those who flew (usually due to lack of vacation time). Several of them arrived the week before for the CMP Cup rifle matches and posted very good scores.

The National Matches proper start with a training clinic called "Small Arms Firing School" or SAFS, and a practice day on the weekend of 31-July/1-Aug.

Monday 2-August is named "The President's Match". It is a 30 shot match at 200, 300 and 600yds, slow fire and rapid fire 3 of the stages described above. The top 100 shooters win a very prestigeous award called "President's Hundred". FIVE Arizona Shooters made the 100 this year! The top 20 shooters go into a shoot-off after then main match.

Perry 21

Tuesday is the National Trophy Individual match. A similar 50-shot match to Monday's, adding the 200yd sitting rapid fire stage. This is an "Excellence In Competition" match, shooters must place in the top 10% of EIC matches over and over again to earn the Distinguished Rifleman Badge. During the course of the last year, two Arizonans (both teenagers) have become Distinguished Riflemen and were awarded their badges at Camp Perry. "Going Distinguished" is a very big honor! Only about than 2500 civilians have earned the Distinguished Rifleman badge in over 100 years. (About half of them after the AR-15 became popular).

Wednesday was the first two of the team matches. This adult match called "Hearst Doubles" (named after the donor of a trophy long ago) is the same 30 shot course of fire as the President's Match but 2 shooters side by side take turns shooting while spotting the wind and coaching each other. Out of 220 adult teams, a team from AZ placed 72.

At the same time on a different range at Camp Perry was the National Junior Team Match. 2 Shooters fire the 50 shot course of fire as in the NTI above, typically with an adult coaching them, and AZ has some great coaches! The top AZ junior team pair (of 5 pairs from AZ) placed 6th out of the 58 teams in the match.

Thursday was the National Trophy Team Match, 6 shooters who take turns shooting and coaching each other. This is a very prestigeous match. The structure of the match is quite a bit different than the Hearst Doubles. It is a 50 shot instead of 30 shot and alternating 6 shooters mean you never shoot and coach at the same time as in Hearst. The Phoenix Rod & Gun Club team placed about 30th out of 58 teams, but they were beat by the AZ Scorpions who placed about 20th!

Perry 21

Friday, 6-Aug, was the most fun match of the week! Its named the National Trophy Infantry Team Match, but we call it "Rattle Battle". This is very different from the other days shooting! Shooters don't get to bring their spotting scopes, they are completely dependent upon their coaches. Its all rapid fire starting at 600yds then walking as a group forward to 500 then 300 then 200 yds. There are 8 targets and 6 shooters so there is some strategy to who shoots what. We actually practiced this at PRGC & Ben Avery numerous times in the months leading up to Camp Perry and something went wrong anyway.... the PRGC Team was ranked about 31 out of 41 teams competing. Uncharacteristically, the AZ Scorpions did even worse than the adults!

Perry 21

That afternoon is the awards ceremony and CMP continues with a bunch of fun "Games" matches for Carbines, M1 Garands, Springfields etc (these are not part of the official National Trophy matches).

Many of us stay in huts on base, its like being at summer camp... with 1000 other folks who have AR-15s!
Perry 21

The full CMP results are located here:

If any of you find this type of shooting interesting and would like to get involved, we'd love to help you get started! We need to bring new adult shooters onto the team every year, contact me I coach adults! We also need new teenagers to replace those who turn 20 and "age out" of the Arizona Scorpions Junior High Power Rifle Team! Contact me and I'll put you in touch with our team coaches!

ya'll shoot good!


Perry 21

scene from the firing line at Camp Perry!

Additionally, beyond the scope of this post, several Arizona Pistol Shooters, mostly from PRGC, travelled to Camp Perry in mid-July for the Pistol stages of the National Matches. This type of Bullseye Pistol shooting consists of shooting .22 or centerfire pistol at 25 or 50 yards one handed, slow fire or 2 different speeds of rapid fire. I'll post more about this sport later.

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