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Left the Range

Mike Miller

Mike Miller, 1946-2022 retired LEO, Competition Rifle shooter and GREAT rifle coach!

Our friend and teammate Mike Miller died 26-Jan-22. He was 75.
To the many people who experienced Mike’s kindness, his mentoring, and his assistance, it would be no surprise to know that his last good deed was to donate his corneas. 
How fitting that a part of Mike that was essential to the sport he loved will live on in another.
(Thanks Mike B, fellow high power shooter, for notifying us all)

John Martin
John Martin, with a 1903A3, at Rio Salado in a 2002 photo
John Martin passed away in late July 2016.

                Smallbore German AR15
German Salazar 1960-2022
German came to Phoenix for the Palma matches in the 90's and moved here from FL in the early 2000's.
Triple Distinguished, he was active in both High Power and Smallbore and in the local clubs for years
until his shoulder made it hard for him to get into position in the mid 2010's.
He had a great website and columns on other websites and was a mentor to many precision shooters.
We learned that he "left the range" this June, joining others who have contributed to this sport.

Bill Poole Sr.
Bill Poole (Sr) 1935 - 2022
Arizona shooting sports hobbyist, Master classified in Smallbore Prone, retired mechanical engineer, father of a local high power shooter.

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