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Shooting the Offhand Stage at Ben Avery

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One of the most consistently popular, prestigious and long lasting of all the competitive shooting sports in the US is Service Rifle.

Modern Service rifle is the direct descendent of the course of fire, techniques and equipment used when the Military modernized their training competitions and ranges when the 1903 springfield rifle became the US Service Rifle, teamed with the .30-06 ammunition, it brought mid/long range capability significantly improved over the Krag and Trap door springfield rifles of the 1800's.

Suddenly it was realistic for the average soldier to shoot 600 yards. But half or a third that distance was still realistic, and 1000 yards not out of the question.

A new range at Camp Perry Ohio has firing lines at 200, 300, 600 and 1000 yards that could be operated at the same time.

Following the tradition that was the reason the NRA was founded in 1871, training civilians in marksmanship to better prepare them in the event of war, in 1903, the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice was founded to encourage civilians to shoot the new service rifle. The NBPRP started the National Matches at Camp Perry in 1907. I has been fired there every year since (except for a few war years).

Over the years the course of fire has been modified only a little, the targets just a bit and the rifles have followed the Military lead from the 1903, to the M1, the M14 (civilian M1A), the M16 (civilian AR15), the M4 (scoped ARs).

Today Service Rifle course of fire usually consists of 30 or 50 or 80 shots over 3 or 4 stages

 Today's Service Rifle shooters almost all use the AR-15 with iron sights or with scope.

The National Matches at Camp Perry are the best attended precision shooting event in the western hemisphere with over 1000 shooters competing side by side. Every one of them shooting a Semi-automatic military style rifle.

There are also competitions with the same course of fire using non-military rifles with aperture sights (Match Rifles).

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Prone up close



A “Service Rifle” is a US Military rifle from the WWII to present era, or the civilian equivalent. So the M1 Garand and the M1A (civilian version of the M14) can be used, but are fairly rare. The AR-15 (civilian version of the M16) is by far the most popular with something like 97% of competitors choosing AR-15s. It simply is the best rifle for what is the best attended precision sport shooting competition in the western hemisphere!


Junior team after the awards ceremony



100-7X, yeah, an Arizona shooter did that!



We have 3 full-distance High power ranges in Phoenix, plus Tucson and shorter distances elsewhere. We have shoots monthly for experienced shooters as well as beginner-friendly 200yd shoots. All shoots are open to all shooters! We have Beginner’s training classes several times a year. email questions.

Arizona is repeatedly ranked NUMBER ONE state for shooters! We really should strive to have a number one service rifle team at the Nationals every year!


The CMP Service Rifle Matches at Camp Perry are consistently the best attended serious precision shooting event in the western hemisphere!

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