2006 High Power Rifle Training Clinics
at the

Bob Pultz and John Martin at the Lecture portion of the Rio Salado October M-1 Clinic.

Coming season's Dates:
The dates are sundays:  22-Oct-06.

contact Bill Luth rssc_m1clinic@cox.net to reserve a spot


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The Rio Salado range is located at On Usery Pass road, just north of McDowell east of Mesa. The impact area is a mountain upon which the word: "PHOENIX" is painted in white on rocks. MAP


This is a training session with both "classroom" type instruction and live shooting. There are typically 36 "students", 12 on the line at a time, and 6 to 8 instructors. Nearly all of the instructors are Distinguished Riflemen, NRA Appointed Coaches, or Expert to Master Class High Power Rifle shooters.

The club asks that shooters contact Bill Luth wluth@cox.net to reserve a spot first so that enough targets, firing points and volunteers can be arranged.

 Reduced National Match: 200 yards only 50 shots:

$25 ($20 for members of Rio Salado) includes instruction and DCM paperwork. loaner rifles and ammo available.

Arrive at 7:00 AM, plan to stay till 3:30pm or so.

14 yrs or older to participate.
(to purchase a CMP rifle, US citizen, 18 yrs or older)

Bring eye & ear protection, pen/pencil, binoculars/spotting scope, Long pants, bring long sleeved shirt or jacket, bring food & drink, maybe a chair to sit on.

No matter what the weather, bring something LONG SLEEVED!
You will need it to protect your elbows!

Any safe centerfire rifle with iron sights that can be loaded for rapid fire may be used. 53 rds required. .30-06 or .223 ammo available, call first.

Ammo cost is $15 for 53rds. We have 30-06 and .223 ammo only for sale for use in the clinic. If shooting our loaner rifles you MUST use our ammo.

Eye and Ear protection IS Mandatory.

Yes you can bring you own rifle. AR-15, M1A, Garand, 1903 & A3, or any safe military bolt rifle. Iron sight only, no scopes. Bring 2 magazine or stripper clips. Rifle must have a good adjustable Sling, canvas or leather.

Bob Pultz helps a new shooter with the M-1 Garand on the 200 yard line at Rio
Salado's October M-1 Garand Clinic. Participation in one of these
instructional clinics qualifies a person to purchase an M-1 Garand direct
from the Civilian Marksmanship Program, and get involved in competitive High
Power Service Rifle shooting.

For more info or to sign up, contact Bill Luth rssc_m1clinic@cox.net to reserve a spot

Reservations required!

The Rio Salado High Power Division has matches for Experienced shooters.

and also runs matches for Antique or Vintage military bolt actions.

And,  John C Garand matches!

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