More info on the Rio Salado M1 Garand Clinic
 - Tom Kirby

 Tom Kirby, civilian Marksmanship Program instructor, assists a new shooter with the M-1 Garand at a recent M-1 clinic at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club in east Mesa. Shooters on the line are preparing for a 10-shot string of rapid fire from 200 yards, which will require the insertion of a 2 round clip, then an 8-round clip, with all shots fired in 60 seconds. Shooters who sign up for the $15 clinic learn about the history of this famous battlefield rifle, safe handling and cleaning, and participate in a 50-round match using all of the shooting positions needed for competitive shooting. Upon completion of the clinic, you are qualified to purchase a rack-grade M-1 Garand direct form the CMP program for about $500, which is still the best deal going for a good quality M-1.

Bill Poole, Tom Kirby, and Justin Zimmer, CMP instructors help shooters qualify with the M-1 Garand at a recent Civilian Marksmanship Program clinic at Rio Salado Shooting Range in east Mesa, Arizona. Attendance at an M-1 clinic and firing a 50-round match will qualify to purchase one of these time honored Garands direct from the CMP program. Rio Salado has qualified more people to purchase M-1 Garands than any other CMP program in the U.S.


Learning to shoot and operate the M-1 Garand can be a fun filled
experience for anyone who has an interest in classic military firearms. The
Rio Salado Sportsman's Club in E. Mesa, Arizona, sponsors a bimonthly M-1
clinic under the direction of the national CMP program. Safe handling and
firing of the M-1 is taught by an experienced and competent staff. Clinics
fill up fast, so call ahead to reserve your place on the firing line.

Each of the shooting positions, Standing, Sitting and Prone is covered.

If you want to learn how to safely handle and shoot the M-1 Garand, not
to mention, completely disassemble the firearm with simple tools, sign up for
a Rio Salado M-1 Clinic.
M-1 Garands purchased through participation in a Rio Salado M-1 Clinic
have not been stripped of matching components and refitted with junk parts,
like many of the Garands circulating through gun shows. In the late 40's and
early 50's, these rifles were either refurbished, or thoroughly tested by the
US Government to military specs.
Participate in an M-1 clinic and qualify to
purchase one of these authentic time honored classics.

General Patton called the M-1 Garand the best battlefield rifle of WWII.
After a half-century of sitting on a rack in an armory, one of these worthy
service rifles can be yours for under $500 - shipped direct from the CMP
program to your door!! Sign up for a supervised CMP, M-1 Clinic, sponsored by
the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club in Mesa, Arizona, and you can qualify to
purchase one for yourself. Hurry, supplies are running out!

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Thanks to Tom Kirby for the pics and captions!