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Tom A, offhand at 200 yds, A typical Match at Rio Salado Sportsman's Club, Mesa AZ.


The range is located at On Usery Pass road, just north of McDowell east of Mesa. The impact area is a mountain upon which the word: "PHOENIX" is painted in white on rocks. MAP

This info is retyped from a handout given at the range.  My apologies for any errors.

MATCHES FOR EXPERIENCED (70% or after one clinic) SHOOTERS:

Regional Match Course: 200, 300, 500 yards, 80 shots.

Matches start at 8AM plan on arriving at 7AM for set up.

Fee: $15, includes NRA fee, $12 for target pullers if available.

  Arizona High Power Schedule WORDEXCEL  Thanks to Jim H.

NOTE, there is maintanance being done on the range as of oct 04 so matches "might" be rescheduled, email or call Larry W. 480-396-1040 prior to the match.

The club asks that shooters call ahead so that enough targets can be set up. Advise if you can bring pullers.

For info on matches above, http://members.cox.net/riohighpower/


The web site for more info!

So that enough targets, firing points and volunteers can be arranged.

Reduced National Match: 200 yards only 50 shots:

$25 ($20 Rio Member) includes instruction and DCM paperwork. loaner rifles and ammo available. (call first)

Arrive at 7:00 AM, plan to stay till 3:30pm.

14 yrs or older to participate.
(to purchase a CMP rifle, US citizen, 18 yrs or older)

Bring eye & ear protection, pen/pencil, binoculars/spotting scope, Long pants, bring long sleeved shirt or jacket, bring food & drink.

Any safe centerfire rifle with iron sights that can be loaded for rapid fire may be used. 53 rds required. .30-06 ammo available, call first.

The web site for more info!

The Rio Salado High Power division also runs matches for Antique or Vintage military bolt actions.

And, John C Garand matches!

Maybe team matches too!

Also, 500 yd prone only matches:

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