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At the AZ Highpower rifle championships jan 2000, Larry W. on rt, Bill Poole center, Tom A. scoring.
a view from 300 yds a few years ago.

This page and the attached links try to describe a type of participatory sporting event known as High Power Rifle Shooting. Specifically, the National Match and Regional Match Course disciplines, including Service Rifle.

There are four shooting stages to this match:

  • 200 yards, 10 shots, (plus 2 sighters) slow fire, standing, 12 minutes.
  • 200 yards, 10 shots, (after 2 slow fire sighter shots, 2 minutes) rapid fire, sitting, 60 seconds.
  • 300 yards, 10 shots, (after 2 slow fire sighter shots, 2 minutes) rapid fire, prone, 70 seconds.
  • 600 yards, 20 shots, (plus 2 sighters) slow fire, prone, 22 minutes.


    For your information, a "National Match Course" is 50 shots. A "Regional Match Course" is 80 shots. (The slow standing is 20 shots instead of 10, and there are two strings of 10 shots for each rapid stage  instead of one string each.) The distance are listed above, although many ranges use reduced targets and shoot only out to 100, 200, 300 or 500 yards.

    Basically, the match is shot with a US military type rifle, or commercial equivilent, or a "target" rifle. It is derived from the US military's turn of the century marksmanship training with the 1903 Springfield rifle.

    Some time ago, I wrote a brief introduction to National Match Course Shooting specifically to hand out at our monthly match at the Ojai Valley Gun Club. Most of the information is applicable to any club's NMC.

    You can probably find a club shooting high power rifle within 2 hours drive almost anywhere in the US. This is the internet, however, if you are Dhahran, Dakar, Dakka or Djakarta, well, you're on your own! You will find all registered matches in the US listed in Shooting Sports USA magazine, one of the publications of the NRA, they should have subscription info at their site, or write: 11250 Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030-9400.

    This might help (if you're in AZ):

  • Some useful stuff:

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    Tom K, Typical match at Rio Salado in Mesa, AZ.

    I had heard that only US citizens could shoot LEG or CMP team matches. So I asked CMP:
    "The CMP has and does allow people from other countries to participate in our matches.  During the Nationals we have had people from Canada and Austraila come to shoot (probably other countries too). At one time it was written in our rules that only US Citizens could participate.  This is no longer the case."  - C.P. CMP competitions.