Bill Poole's essay on Target Rifle Ammo.
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Most guys handload match ammo with: SierraMatch-Kings. Or with Hornaday

I used to Moly coat my match bullets! But I stopped - I think its more trouble than its worth.

Usually, the .308 or even .30-06 NMC shooters use the Sierra 168 or 175 gr. Hollow Point Boat Tail or the the 168 gr HPBT's from Hornady and Speer.

 The .223 shooters use the 75  or 68 Hornaday or 77gr or 69 gr. Sierra at 200 and 300 and the 80 grain Sierra or 75 Hornaday A-Max or some JLK VLD at 600 yards.

Palma shooters shoot the 155 gr Sierra. Many long range shooters shoot the 190 gr HPBT.

I try to get a large batch of bullets and load a large batch of ammo from the same lot of bullets, powder and cases, just for consistency.

I used to play with different bullets, etc, then, I finally gave up playing and just loaded the same recommended load of H4895 and 168's for everything, I quit screwing with ammo and concentrated on shooting. My scores improved. Now I use the same short range load in .223 and 80's at 600.

If I were starting with a new gun or barrel, I'd get a billion cases, a billion bullets and a couple boxes of Federal Match Ammo. I'd borrow a chronograph and chrono the Federal stuff, then I'd experiment with loads, find a safe-to-shoot, handloaded 'shoot-alike", i.e. same velocity, same accuracy. And I'd load a billion of those, and that's all I'd shoot.

Once you've got a good coat and a good rifle, obtain or load good ammo and Practice, practice, practice, and acquire the other toys yer gonna need later.

have fun and good shooting!

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