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sbore match

Smallbore Prone Match at Prescott many years ago.

An NRA conventional outdoor prone match consists of 160 shots, a perfect score would be 1600, so that's what we call it.
All from the prone position. Matches are specified as either Iron sight or Any sight (scope permitted). Typically a 3200 2-day match has a day of each. a 6400 is two 3200's.

The day's match consists of eight 20 shot stages, or 4 two stage matches. Each stage is 20 minutes. Each with unlimited sighters.

The 50 yd target (A-23) and 50 m target (A-26) each have 1 sighter bull and 4 record bulls. 5 shots are put on each.
The 100 yd target (A-25) has 1 sighter bull and 2 record bulls. 10 shots on each.

Conveniently, the match starts and ends at 50 yds, so your sights stay set for the next match, and with unlimited sighters, you can find the sight settings for that day.

Another match for a shorter day is a 1200, delete the 50 yard match at the end.

You go up about 7 minutes from 50 yds to 100 yds. Don't forget!

Most everyone uses premium ammo. Eley EPS, Lapua Midas, RWS R50 etc. But SK Jagd or Wolf is used in a lot of club matches.

50 targetSmallbore was started like 80 years ago as a less expensive type of rifleshooting sport....

well, it is NOT less expensive now!

A competitive Anschutz NIB is over $3000. vs $1200 or so for an AR-15.


Top of the line ammo is over $100 for 500, or 0.20 per shot. You can reload the best .223 for about that, or just a shade100 target less. BUT..... you shot more than TWICE as much in smallbore. A 1600 with a practice and sighters takes about 250 rds and a full day. An 80 shot high power match takes 88 shots and a full day. So at the top end, ammo cost is almost 3 times as high!

For a beginner, you can get by with less expensive, 1/2 to 1/3 the cost ammo, and maybe an older used rifle for well under $1000. 

The only area where smallbore is cheaper than HP is in real estate, a 100 yd range is great for smallbore. 50 feet is still usable.

There are other disciplines like indoor, 3 or 4 position.

sbore match

There are olympic rifle  events for smallbore rifles at 50m (standing, prone, kneeling) and air rifles (standing) at 10m with some different rules.

ere in AZ we have a monthly 1200's at PRGC typically on the 3rd Sunday. Desert Sharpshooters runs smallbore shoots every Wednesday at Ben Avery, and then during March and early April, nearly every weekend a large championships is run at Ben Avery.

Plus, PRGC runs a steel target smallbore shoot called NRL-22, typically on the first sunday of each month.

This year there is no Olympic style 50m smallbore rifle in Arizona that I know of.

State Smallbore Prone Championship Article 1-2-Sep-01

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