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Camp Perry 2018

not exactly in chronological order since some are from the phone and some from a camera.

Camp Perry 20181
A hut at Camp Perry full of equipment

Camp Perry 20182
Hut at first tenant's move in (it wasn't quite that neatly arranged later in the week.)

Camp Perry 20183
Top 20 Shoot off of the President's Match (score keepers mark the small targets for spectators to see)

Camp Perry 20184
One of the shoot off shooters, Eric S from Oregon with his "target"

Camp Perry 20185
Shoot off ranked by results.

Camp Perry 20186
it rained one day, set the gear out to dry that afternoon

Camp Perry 20187
A junior team on the ready line just before NTIT.

Camp Perry 20188
All those buildings on the right are filled with equipment vendors.

Camp Perry 20189
AZ shooter Mark M receiving his distinguished badge on the stage of the Awards ceremoney

Camp Perry 201810
many of the 2017/18 Distinguished shooters

Camp Perry 201811
Junior "doubles" team winning an award at Camp Perry with their Coach

Camp Perry 201812
These are the folks who build our targets!

Camp Perry 201813
AZ junior shooter won a Rifle at Camp Perry
and reportedly, a place on the Army Rifle Team

Camp Perry 201814
Some of the flags flying in front of Hough Theatre the day of the Awards.

Camp Perry 201815
AZ Junior shooter waiting for her relay!

Camp Perry 201816
Marines coaching a junior in the USMC clinic at Camp Perry

Camp Perry 201817
Marine coaching a junior in the USMC clinic at Camp Perry

Camp Perry 201818
Marine coaching a junior in the USMC clinic at Camp Perry

Camp Perry 201819
On the ready line at Rodriguez range, waiting for the next match to start

Camp Perry 201820
Nice shirt, Tex!

Camp Perry 201821
Charge of the light brigade!

Camp Perry 201822
Prone stage

Camp Perry 201823
Shooter about to hop down into sitting position for Rapid Fire (we start from standing, but you can't stand like that for long!)

Camp Perry 201824
Assembly Line, which is behind the Ready Line, which is behind the Firing Line.

Camp Perry 201825
Firing line for sitting position

Camp Perry 201826
Firing line for sitting position

Camp Perry 201827
Shooter in sitting position

Camp Perry 201828
Shooter waiting for targets to appear, then he will sit down and shoot.

Camp Perry 201829
200yd Sitting position

Camp Perry 201830
200yd Sitting position

Camp Perry 201831
Sitting position

Camp Perry 201832
Prone position

Camp Perry 201833
"With bolts closed on an empty chamber...... LOAD!"

Camp Perry 201834
10 shots in 79 seconds with a reload at 300 yds

Camp Perry 201835

Camp Perry 201836
X-ring Mafia! hows that for a team name!

Camp Perry 201837

Camp Perry 201838
Offhand, 200yds

Camp Perry 201839
offhand just after sunrise

Camp Perry 201840
with the .223 AR-15, you don't need the buttstock firmly in the shoulder.... you can hold it higher and get a better head position

Camp Perry 201841
Offhand is the first stage of the day.

Camp Perry 201842
more offhand

Camp Perry 201843

Camp Perry 201844
Florida Surfer Dude

Camp Perry 201845
Cartridge pouch on the coat, data book on the shelf of the shooting cart

Camp Perry 201846
300 yard targets in the Rodriguez pits

Camp Perry 201847
they seem to go on forever

Camp Perry 201848
600yd prone

Camp Perry 201849
600yd is the longest yard line on Rodriguez

Camp Perry 201850
scorekeepers behind the shooters

Camp Perry 201851
more prone, yeah the camera lens is dirty

Camp Perry 201852
Winner of the President's match shoot off
cooling off after his victory with some push ups and 5 gallons of ice water!

Camp Perry 201853
Viale Range

Camp Perry 201854
ready and assembly lines

Camp Perry 201855
offhand on Viale

Camp Perry 201856

Camp Perry 201857

Camp Perry 201858

Camp Perry 201859
This offhand shooter has his ammo on his shooter cart shelf

Camp Perry 201860
Iron Sight Shooter! West Virginia

Camp Perry 201861
getting ready for sitting

Camp Perry 201862

Camp Perry 201863
and more offhand pictures

Camp Perry 201864
and more

Camp Perry 201865
Alabama shooter, offhand, on Viale Range, scored by the AZ shooter with the camera.
Beer tap handle on his scope stand!

Camp Perry 201866
prone rapid

Camp Perry 201867
Prone rapid

Camp Perry 201868
That's a Polish Flag!
just about dawn at Camp Perry

Camp Perry 201869
 firing offhand in a team match

Camp Perry 201870
View of Viale

Camp Perry 201871

Camp Perry 201872
Oregon 2-person team

Camp Perry 201873
Oregon 2-person team

Camp Perry 201874
It started raining at 600yds

Camp Perry 201875
and kept raining

Camp Perry 201876
Arizona team flag on the Assembly line of the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201877
Assembly line of the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201878
NTT team match

Camp Perry 201879
Military team on the line in the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201880
Arizona Shooters pair firing in the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201881
Military shooter prone rapid in the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201882
Prone rapid in the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201883
Arizona Shooters pair firing prone 600 yds in the NTT team match

Camp Perry 201885
Massachussetts junior girls volunteered to help another team!
One of them earned the Nickname "The Queen of Viale"

Camp Perry 201886
More pair firing prone, AZ shooters

Camp Perry 201887
NTIT day! Oak Ridge TN team at the loading table

Camp Perry 201888
On the line during prep for NTIT (aka Rattle Battle)

Camp Perry 201889
On the line during prep for NTIT (aka Rattle Battle)

Camp Perry 201890
On the line during prep for NTIT (aka Rattle Battle)

Camp Perry 201891
Working targets for NTIT (aka Rattle Battle)

Camp Perry 201892
NTIT target

Camp Perry 201893
NTIT 600 & 500yd targets

Camp Perry 201894
Arizona "Rattle Battle" Team with coaches

Camp Perry 201895
600yd Rattle Battle - 45 seconds of rapid fire!

Camp Perry 201896
The M1 for Vets wounded warriors NTIT team posing for pics!

Arizona Shooters back from Camp Perry!


Arizona put two teams in the National Matches run at Camp Perry!
Phoenix Rod & Gun Club fielded the Adult team.
ASRPA's Arizona Scorpions is the Junior team.

Since 1907, the annual National Matches have been held at Camp Perry, Ohio and are mostly run by the CMP. the Service Rifle stages of the matches consist of three

individual matches followed by three team matches.

There were about 20 civilian shooters from Arizona, 7 of them teenagers on the Junior Team.

Arizona Adult NTIT team.

These matches all included stages at 200, 300 and 600 yards, with standing, sitting and prone stages, some

slow fire, some rapid fire. Every AZ shooters, like nearly every shooter at the event used an AR-15 Rifle.

All used 4.5X scopes except for a few dinosaurs with iron sights.

The first individual match was a warmup called the Oliver Hazard Perry Match, named after Commodore Perry.

With a perfect 300 points, AZ shooter Dave G came in 2nd place out of 792 shooters.

Next came the President's Match, the top 100 shooters earn the right to wear the "President's 100" badge.

Three AZ shooters, one a junior, were in the top 100. There were 179 Juniors and 83 women in this match of

1073 shooters.

Then the National Trophy Individual Match. This is the match where shooters who perform in the top 10%

numerous times (over several state and national matches) can earn the Distinguished Rifleman badge, probably

the highest achievement an average shooter can aspire to. 1007 shooters competed. 818 of them civilian, of

the 19 Arizona civilians, 3 were in the top 10%, two are already Distinguished Riflemen, one, Dave F of

Phoenix is now one step closer.

Then came the 2-man "Hearst" team match, named after the trophy donated nearly 100 years ago by William

Randolf Hearst. Of 293 adult teams, the highest placed AZ team came in 92nd place. (Juniors shot a different

match this day).

on of the AZ Scorpions Junior 2-man teams, plus coach, on the stage at the Awards Ceremony!

Then the National Trophy Team Match, 6 shooters, 50-shots each. Of 41 teams, The PRGC team came in 19th place

and the Scorpions, 23rd.

The final big Team Trophy Match named after the "Infantry Trophy" is the National Infantry Trophy Team Match,

often called "Rattle Battle" since its all rapid fire at 600, 500, 300 and 200yds in that order! 35 teams

entered, PRGC was 23rd place and the Scorpions 24th place!

Before the last piece of brass hit the ground we were already talking about next year!

Funny CMP rule: every team must have at least one NEW SHOOTER! so the adult team will be looking for new

shooters and of course the junior team needs to replace every member who turns 21 and can no longer shoot as

a junior! So both teams will be recruiting new members this fall, stand by for more info!


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