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In the past, we have called these "C&R Matches", "Vintage Bolt Rifle Matches", "Obsolete Bolt Rifle Matches" (shortens to "O-bolt"), Mil-surp shoots. etc.


In the early 2000's, the CMP started a series of regional matches called the "CMP Games". These are usually held in conjunction with a "CMP Cup" match. While the CMP Cup is a serious High Power Rifle competition at full distance, the "Games" matches are intended to be much more fun and beginner-friendly and were centered around obsolete military rifles. As the primary conduit of US M1 rifles to US citizens, the first "Games" match was the John C Garand Match, for the as-issued M1 rifle. Later they added a Springfield Match, for the 1903 rifles. Then they authorized other Military rifles, US or Foreign of that era, and it became the "GSM" or Garand-Springfield-Military match. More recently they have added categories for unlimited Garand (permits accurizing beyond "as-issued") and "Modern Military" (US or foreign) and unlimited "modern military".

So, you can use:
M1 Garand - as issued or accurized
1903 Springfield and its variants, the most common being the 1903A3.
Other US rifles of that era, Lee Navy, 1917 Enfield, Johnson.
foreign rifles of that era: Mausers, British Enfield, Mosin-Nagant, Schmidt Rubin, Arisaka, Carcano, Mannlicher, MAS, SKS, Tokarev, etc.
Any US rifle of more modern era, or its commercial equivalent: M14/M1A, M16/AR-15, M4/M4gery. as-issued, or accurized.
any Foreign rifle of more modern era or commercial equivalent: AK-47, AK-74, FAL, SCAR, AUG, HK, FNC,  CETME, Tavor, FN-2000, etc.

CMP Wesstern Games
Rifle sales at CMP Western Games

I think there is an upper limit to caliber so the old black powder military rifles cannot be used.

The range process is quite similar to conventional CMP/NRA style high power but simplified in target, distance and number of stages.

All shooting is conducted at 200 yards (I guess 100yds on reduced targets could be set up at a smaller range). The SR target is used (13" black is X, 10 and 9 ring The 8, 7, 6 and 5 rings are in the white, the cardboard is 6'x6' or 4'x6'.

The most common CMP Games match is the 30-shot + 5 sighter shots as follows:

5 sighters followed by 10 shots for record. Prone slow fire (15 minutes). Load a single shot at a time.
a 10 shot rapid fire string in 80 seconds fired from the prone position, starting from standing. with a reload required.
10 shots slow fire standing (10 minutes) load a single shot at a time.

You can use commercial ammo or handloads (for some guns that's all you get) or surplus (but typically ball ammo only, no tracer, incendiary etc)

Here in Phoenix we run this match on the 4th sunday at PRGC (actually we usually run it twice in a row, so you can bring 2 guns or shoot it twice with the same rifle.

Rio Salado occasionally runs this course of fire, it is part of the annual beginner's clinic.

TRC has a monthly John C Garand Match.

and some Ben Avery events, most notably, the CMP Western Games includes it, of course.

shoot good!

CMP Wesstern Games

This was written in Dec 2019, check club calendars and my main website to confirm everything is still up to date!

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