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Olympic Shooting

Match Announcement:

ASRPA Smallbore & Airgun Division

Precision 10m & 50m Olympic shooting events

Free Pistol at Avery

Free Pistol Shooter German S at Ben Avery

targets set up for 60-shot match

This is how the targets can be set up for 3x20 or  60-shot prone.
All targets are set up and the entire match is shot without a target change

Ben Avery Range

50m on smallbore range, 10m in airgun building

4th sunday of the month had been traditionally reserved for this.

Dates & times & events subject to change and range availability
There are also olympic/international Pistol events at PRGC at least 3 times a month.
More information on Olympic Shooting in Arizona and at about Rapid Fire Pistol at PRGC

NOTE some dates might be registered with USAS as (optional) Preliminary Try Out (PTO) typically on the 3rd saturday and 2nd & 4th tuesdays.


50m: Men’s 60 shot Free Pistol, Men’s 60 shot prone rifle, Men’s 3x40, women’s 3x20. (fired concurrently)

Shooters will set up sufficient targets for the entire course of fire and fire for the duration of their allotted time. (except 3x40 may change after standing). Note, it appears as though if we take a  Ben Avery target frame and  set it upside down, supported by and tied to a pair of desert sharpshooter smallbore frames we can staple 3 or 4 6-bull 50m targets to it and shoot a full match without too much disruption in position. I know this isn't fully ISSF rule compliant, but its the best we can do. If all 50m shooters are shooting the same thing, we can change targets every 20 shots since we'll be on the same time schedule

6-bull A-50 targets will be used for all 50m rifle events, 3 sheets for PR and 3x20, 4 or 6 sheets for 3x40. 3 targets set up for FP (plus sighters). NOTE this may result in the use of multiple firing points per shooter and target locations that do not meet USAS/ISSF standards. No backers will be used.  NOTE Shooters may need to bring additional target frames.

Note:  we need to set the range flags at 10m and 30m NOT at 50yds

Times: PR 75 minutes, FP 120 minutes, 3x20 150 mins total (pr: 40, st: 60, kn: 50) 3x40 225 mins total (pr: 60, st: 90, kn: 75 minutes).

10m: women’s 40 shot air pistol, women’s 40 shot air rifle, men’s 60 shot air pistol, men’s 60 shot air rifle. (fired concurrently). Rifle 1 shot per target, Pistol 2 shots women, 3 shots men per target.

Times: 40 shots 75 minutes, 60 shots 105 minutes.

All events, 10 minute preparation period, unlimited sighters in each position PRIOR to the start of record shots.

Fees: $5 Ben Avery + $5 Target Fee, PTO fee TBD. No awards.

Equipment: USAS/ISSF legal equipment & USAS membership required for PTO, NRA equipment also permitted for non-PTO. Pistol shooters may load 5 rounds.

Match Director: Bill Poole, ,

All times, dates, events rules are tentative and subject to change.


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