Shooting in Hong Kong



China Gun Club Kwun Tung, mostly IPSC style shooting

This club is the home club of the 6 athletes (one of whom, Ellen, is above) representing Hong Kong, China
in the 2002 Asian Games in Pusan Korea.
I bet few who read this even realize there was such a competition,
almost as big as the olympics (equiv to Pan-Am games)
and completely ignored by our media!

Me & Wong Fai, aug 03

China National Team:

Me & Coach Yuan & Tao Lu Na,  -  陶璐娜Gold Medalist, AP40, Silver Medalist WSP,  2000 Olympics, Sydney

AP match aug 03

The Hong Kong team did GREAT in the Southeast Asian Shooting Championships in Ha Noi in Nov/Dec-02!  watch

indoor 10m range

Indoor 10 range in HK at SCAA

hkra  scaa

Here's the photo's from the oct-02 annual matches.

Another club

The "official" HKRA website

Hong Kong Rifle Association Pistol Match, Kau Wa Keng Range, (22N 20.812, 114E 8.510) Feb-2002.
There were almost as many women as men competing!
International Style 60-shot, .22LR  & .32 CF.
(guess where I went on my last business trip)

Two REALLY great indoor range clubs: Phoenix Gun Club and China Gun Club
Phoenix gun club has the finest indoor range I've ever been in, and that includes the US Olympic training center in Colorado Springs which claims to have the largest indoor range in the western hemisphere! (of course the type of shooting is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT)!

Swiss rifle club of HK

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