Desert Sharpshooters Rifle Club

This club has been established for the purpose of hosting the matches presented by the Arizona Rifle and Pistol Association's High Power Rifle Division, typically at Ben Avery Range in Phoenix AZ, USA. The club is a 501 c 4 corporation. Participation in such matches will never be limited to members of this club.

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The club is self sufficient, most expenses are paid from match fees.

In Jan 99, I was jokingly appointed membership chairman.

At the present time (its now 2006) we have not had any members, it is purely a "paper club" it consists of a name and an insurance certificate on file at Ben Avery. Most of the High Power and smallbore matches at Ben Avery are run by volunteers (who are also ASRPA members) under the name of Desert Sharpshooters.

For more information, email: Bill Poole

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