High Power Rifle Classifications

Classification percentage minimum score in a 
50 shot match
minimum score in a 
80 shot match
High Master 97% 485 776
Master 94% 470 752
Expert  89% 445 712
Sharpshooter 84% 420 672
Marksman up to 83.99% 419 or lower 671 or lower

After your first match, (in which you are classified as "master-unclassfied") you can get a "temporary score book" from the match director which gives you a "temporary classification". After matches totalling 120 or more shots are reported the NRA, you will be issued a classification card. As scores totalling 240 rounds averaging in a higher classification are received, you will be reclassified.

Classification lasts as long as you continue to shoot or until you upgrade. There is a procedure to be downgraded. 3 or 5 years of inactivity eliminates the classification and you start over.

Classifications for smallbore are tougher, I'll post those later.

In a match with awards, you are competing against others in your class.

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